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Why do 48% of digital initiatives fail to deliver a ROI?

We’re finding an alarming number of leadership teams have skipped over the first, most fundamental, building-block of their transformation plan, without even knowing it – and they are now paying dearly for it.

They thought their investments in point solution technologies to help digitise more areas of the business would result in the desired “revenue hockey stick” – and thought the cost line would stay flat. But now they’re finding the dreaded “double hockey stick” – both lines rising in sync, which has blown the business case benefits, and impacted the confidence of important stakeholders.

So how can you increase your chances of having your investments in digital give you a meaningful ROI?

True transformation requires a solid model (proven & stress tested) to decouple your revenue and cost lines.

As you progress down this digital journey, there may a sense that, after a slow start, things are really ramping up – but too often this feeling is short lived.

There is a VERY high likelihood that your plans to transform – and grow your digital capabilities –  are built on the assumption that your current technology will allow you to ramp up. This assumption needs to be validated – and fast.

Be wary of “we just need an upfront investment and then our technology will cope” – this has proven to be the thin end of the wedge for many organisations making the move to digital.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go ahead and make investments in the more tangible (and in stakeholders’ eyes) more “valuable” initiatives, particularly around your customer experience…. we’re just saying there is an order of priority, and customer experience isn’t the place to start.

Are your current digital transformation efforts sustainable? Or do you need to take a couple of steps back, before you can accelerate?