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Technology has the ability to shackle a business, as much as it has the ability to enable it.

Today’s organisations are being challenged to solve multi-faceted and complex problems, the likes of which we have never seen before – or been expected to respond to at such pace. But this complexity and speed aren’t what’s really hindering organisations progressing their digital strategy.

What is causing so many business leaders to lose momentum? It is the indecision and inevitable delays that come with trying to improve their current digital capabilities and IT infrastructure.

Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone.

Solving legacy issues and ensuring you’re making right investments in “point solution” technology that can carry you through the journey ahead is an incredibly complex task. It’s no wonder that many decision-makers get stuck…  and the solution to getting “unstuck” is a rabbit-hole in itself.

You’re faced with a number of companies pedaling silver bullet solutions, or management consultants describing ‘cure-all’ methodologies. But we all know it’s not that simple (if only it was!).

So what happens next? You end up creating a list of requirements that get fed into some sort of RFP/RFI process, in the vain hope that someone will be able to solve your specific situation.  

But here’s the catch – even with this approach – success for many remains elusive. Why? It’s time-consuming, expensive, and ends up delaying implementation further – and what’s worse is that many end up no clearer on what they actually need than they were before they started. The old adage “ask a carpenter to make you a hammer and they will make you one out of wood” has never been truer.

Those who push through this process find out (often too late) that the point solution they’ve invested is not successful at addressing what the business really needed – an improvement in the linear relationship between revenue and costs. At best, it’s status quo, but more often… the cost is rising, and the investments you’ve made inhibit the ability for you to reinvent your business for the digital world.

This is why half of digital initiatives end up going nowhere.

So how do you ensure you’re making the right decisions, and that these investments in digital will enable you to reinvent how your business operates as a whole?

Think of your various IT solutions, like an upgraded CRM or new ERP, as core building blocks of your new business model that, when aligned and intertwined, create the best end-to-end solution for your business.  One that is built for the digital world, and that actually enables you to reinvent your business.

The key question is how do you do all of this at speed, ensure an ROI and still deliver on Business as Usual?  Feel free to drop me an email if you want to chat about this more in detail –